Tunan Waterfall

North Sulawesi is rich in tourist attractions that are worth to be visited. In addition to famous Bunaken, there are other tourist attractions that will be interesting to be explored. One of them are Tunan Waterfall; this waterfall is located in the village of Talawan, District Dimembe, North Minahasa regency.

This waterfall has a height that reached 85 meters and it has a fairly swift current spill. Although it is still not popular, due to the lack of promotion of the local government but the beauty of Tunan waterfall is surprisingly stunning. When the holiday season arrives, Tunan waterfall will filled with tourists.

The nuance around the waterfall is still genuine, as long as the eyes can see the green trees that look so cool in the eyes. The view becomes more dramatic with the nuance of the gurgling sound from the waterfall that soothing the mind.

At this waterfall you can do swimming in the pool water at the bottom of the waterfall while enjoying the fresh splash of the waterfall stream. The pool has a depth of about 1.5 meters and around the pool there are lots of slippery rocks. So, you have to be more carefull when playing inside the water especially if you are bringing children to the trip.

There are some things you should provide when visiting Tunan waterfall; do not forget to bring a change of clothes, prepare for amount of cash because at this waterfall there are no ATM machine available. In case of food, you do not need to worry because in the vicinity there are many food and beverage vendors that use tents for their selling.

To go to this location is can be done from Manado City or Sam Ratulangi Airport. We can use personal vehicle, a rental car or public transportation to get to the location. But for the public transport is quite difficult to find. So it is better to use private car or rented one.

The cost of renting a car is around Rp 250,000, - per day. But if you want to use public transportation we can take a bus from Terminal Karombas heading to Dimembe. From Dimembe we can continued by using motorcycles.

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