As Crossborder Tour Destination, Talaud Make Sara Island As Nautical Icon

Since it was designated as a crossborder destination, Talaud Islands in North Sulawesi, began to improve its tourism. In addition to starting calendar of events, promotions, physical infrastructure to tourist support, Talaud make Sara Island became the mainstay of tourism icon.

The uninhabited small island located in the Pacific Ocean is ready to be promoted for marine tourism. The exotic Sara Island with its fine white sandy beach.

Regent of Talaud Islands Regency Sri Wahyuni Manalip said, Sara Island is one of the islands ready for sale for tourism activity. On this island has been built a number of cottages and clean water infrastructure.

“To be truly exotic, Sara Island is left empty without occupants. The atmosphere of the island feels different if without residents, “said Manalip, Thursday (15/6).

Kepulauan Talaud local government specifically launches the island of Sara’s tourism icon with the headline “Talaud Keren” activity in one of the crowd centers in Manado. A picture recording of Sara Island was featured on the show.

“Talaud has been designated as a border tourism destination by the Ministry of Tourism and we will prepare the calendar of event for 2018,” explained the regent of this beautiful beauty.

Of course, Talaud is special. Very fitting set to be a border tourist destination. The area is directly adjacent to the Philippines. For crossborder tourism, very good considering the natural charm of beautiful Pacific lips presented there.

Called Bumi Porodiso, a language that is absorbed from the word paradise,piece of heaven. It is said that this title is always expressed by Portuguese sailors during a voyage along Sangir -Talaud Islands.

“Kemenpar is committed to help advance Talaud tourism, especially to promote the beauty of the islands and clean beaches and still be natural here, so we in the area are slowly starting to fix the promotion, physical infrastructure and supporting tourism,” said Manalip.

About the beauty of tourist destinations, Manalip claimed not to worry. Tourism destination in Talaud a lot of natural charm. In addition to the island of Sara, Karakelang Island is also a hidden paradise that can be found there. With the help of promotions from the center, she is sure Talaud adventure tourism will become more known throughout Indonesia and abroad.

Tourism Minister Arief Yahya explains crossborder tourism in Talaud, besides intended to work on the potential of foreign tourism in the area, also aims to stretch the economy of the local community. “The potential of border tourism is great, the people there must also get the benefit with more events, so that many people will arrive,” said Arief Yahya.

According Arief, crossborder tourism in accordance with the focus of President Joko Widodo who want to excite the border area. President Jokowi from the beginning paid serious attention to the people of Indonesia who are on the outer islands (read: cutting edge, red), border and remote areas.

So serious, the seventh President of Indonesia did not hesitate to change the name of the border area from the outermost island to the foremost island. Therefore, a series of border tourism held from Atambua, Dili, Papua, Aruk, Entikong, to Batam-Bintan.

“We will continue to study and evaluate how effective it is to stimulate the economy of the community, including how well it attracts tourists from neighboring countries,” said the minister from Banyuwangi.


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