Indonesia’s Mahoro Island, Paradise of Beautiful White Sand Beach in Sitaro

Everyone knows marine tourism destinations in North Sulawesi, Bunaken Marine Park will definitely be the main reference. In fact, many marine tourism destinations are scattered in the regencies of North Nusa which are no less beautiful. North Nusa is an area that includes three archipelagic districts at the northern tip of Sulawesi. The three archipelagic regencies are Sitaro , Sangihe and Talaud Islands Regency. Previously, these three regencies were part of the Sangihe Talaud Regency before they were divided. In Sitaro Regency (Siau Tagulandang Biaro) itself, there is a lot of potential for marine tourism, one of which is Mahoro Island and the surrounding islands. Mahoro Island is a small island in the Buhias Cluster. An exotic island with sand that is so enchanting. The Buhias cluster itself is a cluster consisting of a series of islands that seem to have been dumped in the sea that surrounds them. Some islands are partially uninhabited, including Mahoro Island. Similarly, other coral islands that protrude into the sea, are also uninhabited.

Mahoro Island itself is the easternmost point of the Buhias cluster, making this island a kind of fortress for other islands. One side is directly facing the open sea which makes the stone walls hit by the waves. While on the other side a very quiet place, because in front of it several islands are fenced off.

This beautiful island is a very beautiful place to enjoy the view of the Karangetang Volcano which is dubbed as The Real Volcano, because its activities never stop throughout the year. Especially if you are waiting for the sunrise when lighting up Karangetang. Likewise, from Mahoro island it is also very good to wait for the sunset that sinks behind several islands in front of it, including Tagulandang island in the distance.





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