10 Most Unique Tourist Villages in Magelang, Makes You Don’t Want to Go Home

Magelang has a number of temples as the favorite tourist destinations. Besides Borobudur, you can visit several other places, such as tourist villages. There are several tourist villages around Borobudur Temple with a unique and interesting atmosphere. In addition to saving nature, you can also get to know the culture behind it.

Temanggung Village
Temanggung Village was viral because it was called Nepal van Java. The view of the village at the foot of Mount Sumbing is really epic.

Tanjungsari Village
If you are interested in the process of making honey, you can visit Tanjungsari Village. This village is set in Mount Menoreh with a beautiful panorama.

Wanurejo Village
Wanurejo village is the closest village to Borobudur. This village is famous for its unique Magelang handmade batik.

Ngargogondo Village
The interest in learning foreign languages of Ngargogondo Villagers is very high. No wonder many are used to speaking English with foreign tourists.

Kebonsari Village
In Kebonsari Village, the residents work as bamboo craftsmen. You can buy various souvenirs to household items made of bamboo.

Tuksongo Village
Most of the residents of Tuksongo Village are tobacco farmers. You can enjoy a panoramic view of the Menoreh Mountains and Borobudur Temple here.

Ngadiharjo Village
Most of the land in Ngadiharjo Village is used for agriculture and animal husbandry. This village is known as a religious area.

Banyubiru Village
Banyubiru Village has Gununggono tourist spot with a backdrop of Mount Merapi and Merbabu.

Majaksingi Village
Majaksingi village offers trekking and cycling tours. You will be presented with the beauty of typical Javanese village that is reassuring to the soul.

Giritengah Village
Giritengah Village is known as the Village of Arts. You can see the beauty of Mount Merbabu and the expanse of rice fields that spoil the eyes.


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