Bali to Malang, These Are 5 Japanese-style Destinations in Indonesia

Japan is one of the favorite vacation destinations for tourists from Indonesia. Because, this country does have a million charms that make everyone curious to come. Starting from the natural beauty, cultural uniqueness and diversity of tourist destinations, it is guaranteed to make anyone want to fly to Japan.
Unfortunately, not all Indonesian tourists are lucky to be able to visit this Sakura Country. Because to get to Japan, of course you need a big budget.

However, don’t worry. For those of you who really want to feel the sensation of vacationing in Japan, but have not been able to come to their country directly, there is no need to worry, because Indonesia also has tourist destinations with Japanese feel. Cheaper and easier to reach.

Here are the most popular Japanese-style tourist destinations in Indonesia for your holiday reference!

Sakura Hills Tawangmangu
You don’t have to go all the way to Japan, you can also enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms and Japanese-style scenery through this tourist destination in Tawangmangu, Central Java. This tourist spot, which is located on Jl Raya Matesih-Tawangmangu 16, Gondosuli Kidul, Tawangmangu, Karanganyar, offers the beauty of Mount Lawu as well as the Land of Sakura. You will be presented with a beautiful nature view with the background of Mount Lawu, as well as the cherry trees that grow around it.

Interestingly, to make this tourist spot as similar as possible to the Land of Sakura, the manager also made iconic Japanese buildings. You can also take pictures while taking a leisurely stroll on the Forest Canopy Tour Sakura Hills. Still not satisfied? You can dress up in traditional Japanese clothes in this place.

Not only that, you don’t have to worry about photo spots, because there are lots of Instagramable photo spots for your social media feeds. You can take pictures at the iconic Torii Gate, or take pictures at Takeshi Castle to Samurai Park. Not only does it offer many photo spots, there are various activities that also offered in this place. For adrenaline lovers, you can get around Mount Lawu by using a jeep on the Lawu Jeep Adventure ride.

Jinja Park, Bali
Bali tourist destinations are not only presenting the beauty of beaches, customs and historical temples. There is also a Japanese natural tourist spot, named ‘Jinja Park’ which has also visited by many tourists and is booming on social media. Jinja Karangasem Park is a tourist destination that opened on February 14, 2019. The existence of this tourist spot combines the natural beauty of Karangasem Regency with a beautiful garden design.

When visiting this tourist spot in Bali, you will find a different atmosphere. Instead of looking like you are on vacation in Bali, you will feel like you are in Japan. An atmosphere like being in Japan can be obtained through the presence of torii in this Bali tourist park. Torii itself is a gate that is always there when entering a Shinto shrine.

Torii in Japan is usually designed using parallel bars which are then supported by the presence of two vertical bars. Generally, torii in Japan are painted in a striking red color. The torii in Jinja Karangasem Park has similar to the torii in Japan. Here, you can find torii that painted in red on the top and black on the base of the wooden supports. Unlike in Japan, the torii in Jinja Park have no spiritual function. Its existence is only useful as a means to beautify the atmosphere in Jinja Park.

The Onsen Hot Spring Resort, Batu
Malang not only presents natural tourist destinations with mountainous nuances, but also in world style tourist spots. The Onsen Hot Spring Resort, which is located on Jalan Arumdalu, Songgoriti, Batu City, offers Japanese-style tourist destinations that also interesting to visit. A typical Japanese atmosphere is deliberately provided for the Japanese lovers. This treat is offered for travelers who want to stay or visit, while feeling like a Japanese citizen in Batu City.

With a mountainous landscape in Batu City as a backdrop, this resort conjures up its green garden with various Japanese ornaments. In addition, there is a rental of traditional Japanese kimono-style costumes, commonly known as yukata. In this tourist destination, there are also reddish orange gates and bridges which are Instagramable spots.

Tian Ti Pagoda in Surabaya
The Tian Ti Pagoda is actually more similar to the pagoda in Beijing, China. But when viewed from afar, it is also very similar to the one in Japan. Plus there are trees with yellowish red leaves. This tourist spot is located on Ria Kenjeran Beach or Kenjeran Park in Surabaya, East Java.

This indoor tour in Surabaya was inspired by the Temple of Heaven in China. This pagoda has 58 meters height with a diameter of 60 meters. The door of this pagoda is decorated with 81 gold-colored circles and reliefs in dragons and phoenixes forms.

This pagoda is not used for worship, the central area is empty so that visitors with any ethnic or religious background can enjoy this pagoda’s destination. Around the pagoda there is a wide field used for sports and arts festivals.

Kyotoku Floating Market, Bandung
Presenting the atmosphere of Sakura land, Kyotoku, which is located in the tourist area of ??Floating Market Lembang, West Bandung, is a spot that you must visit while on vacation here. Not only enjoying the view like in Japan, but you can also be satisfied with taking selfies while wearing the kimono rented by the manager.

You can experience various experiences in this place, such as wearing a Kimono or Yukata, seeing typical Japanese buildings, and enjoying the view of Bandung which is filled with Japanese knick-knacks, such as lanterns and cherry blossoms. The management even makes a bamboo forest such as the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove in Kyoto, so that visitors have more options to collect beautiful photos.

A visit to Kyotoku Floating Market would not be complete without a photo session at its various interesting spots, along the river, and drinking tea.


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