Sadon Temple

Sadon Temple - Magetan

Sadon Temple

Sadon temple or Reog temple is located in Sadon hamlet, Cepoko village, Panekan sub-district, Magetan. The local inhabitants are familiar with Reog temple than Sadon temple. It precisely located on 3 km from Magetan city.

This temple was a relic of Majapahit kingdom, that was Shiva Temple, but it is not known exactly when and on what purpose this temple was made. This temple was discovered by a Dutch researcher named Hupermand on 1866, in a state that was not perfect anymore. In 1969, with the supported by head office of Magetan cultural tourism at the time, this temple began to be considered.

There are not much information about Reog Temple, although the temple has been designated as a site of Archaeological Reserve. So far, the stone on the temple was identify in the form of the head of a tiger, dragon, inscribed stones, pedestals, yoni, and small statues.

On the east side of Sadon temple, precisely in front of the village cemetery, there is a small temple named Candi Reca Sapi (cow statues.) The size of this temple is very small, which is much smaller than most temples in East Java. The temple is predicted as Hindu temple, firstly discovered in 1971 by Sudiro, the local people. When it discovered, the temple was covered by bamboo groves.

The temple consists of five statues, which is Reca Kandang (the cage), Reca feed (cattle feeders), Reca Omben (where drinking cow), Reca Capil (cowboy hat statue) and Reca Cagak (the milestone to strap the cows). The five statues are believed to be the figure of the cow and the catle equipment owned by Dadhung Awuk or Maesadanu, shepherd figure in local legend.

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