The Most Popular Tourist Spot in Magetan, Its Beauty Makes You Stunned

East Java has thousands of fun tourist destinations to visit. One of the cities with a variety of tourist sopts is Magetan. This city at the western tip of East Java is no less interesting to explore. You can find exciting tourist attractions here. Here are some of the most popular travel recommendations in Magetan that can be a reference for your next vacation.

Genilangit Tourism
This tourist spot is always crowded every day, especially on weekends. You can do various exciting activities here, such as playing in the Hobbit House, exploring on ATVs, to cycling in the sky. There is also a photo spot in a swing. Guaranteed it will make you want to stay for a long time here. Genilangit Tourism is also surrounded by pine trees with charming nature. The location is in Genilangit Village, Poncol District, Magetan Regency, East Java.

Sarangan Lake
Who doesn’t know this legendary lake? Located at Mount Lawu foot with 1,200 above sea level, it makes the atmosphere cooler and more peaceful. Natural conditions and clear lakes are add its amazing scenery. You can go around the lake with a speed load. With 3-4 people on the boat, you can already see the beauty of the lake up close. This lake is located in Sarangan Village, Plaosan District, Magetan, East Java.

Lowo’s Tunnel
Still a hit today, the Lowo Tunnel is a small river with refreshing calm current. Uniquely, there is a replica of bat that resembles a tunnel. If you come here, you can play and try tubing with tires while following the river flow. Its location next to rice fields, makes it look charming. This tour is located in Giripurno Village, Kawedanan District, Magetan Regency, East Java.

Tirtosari Waterfall
Still around the Sarangan Lake area, you can find this waterfall. No wonder the weather will feel cool and cold. Even though the location is hidden, visitors still come to see its beauty. To get to the waterfall, you have to climb dozens of stairs with quite difficult trekking paths. Even so, the view of the terraced waterfall will amaze you. This waterfall is located in Ngancar Village, Plaosan District, Magetan, East Java.

Mojosemi Forest Park
Furthermore, there is Mojosemi Forest Park which offers a variety of exciting rides for families. If you’re feeling adventurous, try riding the flying fox and high rope adventure. There are also activities to explore the forest by various means. Among them are horse riding, ATV riding, or touring in a jeep. The atmosphere of the beautiful and green forest will make you stunned. Located in Sarangan Village, Plaosan District, Magetan Regency, East Java.

Jejeruk Dam
This tourist spot is a dam. You can go straight to the river and take pictures against the background of the clear water flow. Like a fine strand of thread, the river flow is not heavy. The best time to visit Jejeruk Dam is in the morning, because the weather won’t be too hot. You can also come when the sun is going to set, the atmosphere will be more magical. This dam is located in Candirejo Village, Magetan District, Magetan Regency, East Java.

Kedung Ngancar
Want to feel swimming in the wild with a cool atmosphere? Try to come to Kedung Ngancar. Here is a pool of clear water with a greenish color. Even though it looks safe and ordinary, you still have to be careful. This is because this pool has enough depth. Use a tire float if you are still in doubt. Located in Ngancar Village, Plaosan District, Magetan Regency, East Java.

Ujung Kulon
Ujung Kulon is a tourist spot of beautiful hills with a variety of contemporary photo spots. From here, you can see the beauty of Mount Lawu slopes. Not to mention the cool atmosphere, makes you feel at home. Some photo spots that you can try include swings, flying tables, viewing posts, and the most challenging flying bikes. There are also cafes with affordable menus. This tour is located in Janggan Village, Pocol District, Magetan Regency, East Java.

Puntok Geneng
Almost the same as Ujung Kulon, Puntok Geneng offers a mountainous natural landscape with aesthetic viewing post. Not just one, but various viewing posts here. There are viewing posts of a star, a symbol of love or heart, to a photo spot of a bird cage. If you are interested in here, the location is only 15 kilometers from the center of Magetan City. Located in Gonggang Village, Poncol District, Magetan Regency, East Java.

Pundak Kiwo Waterfall
Known as the swiftest waterfall in Magetan, Pundak Kiwo Waterfall is never empty of visitors. Its appearance is very exotic, surrounded by trees and jet black rocks. Besides enjoying the waterfall, you can also soak in the pool. There is also a gazebo around the waterfall for you to unwind. Guaranteed to make you lazy to go home. This waterfall is located in Ngancar Village, Plaosan District, Magetan Regency, East Java.


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