Airprang is one of destinations in Lembeh strait that located in Makawidey, Aertembaga, and it offering jetty with fresh water from an uphill aquifer, installed by the Japanese during WW2. Air Prang is located to the left of the jetty, Air Prang 2 is located in front of the jetty, and Air Prang 3 is to the right of the jetty.

Air Prang is a large, spread-out gradual sand slope which is popular for night diving but also potentially great during the day. Air Prang is good for octopus species and the Bobbit Worm but the barren terrain and low density of critters mean that fewer divers come during the day compared to all the muck sites to the north.

Air Prang is probably one of the most interesting sites at Lembeh Strait. The name literally means 'War Water'. This is an expansive shallow sand slope, especially when strong rising tides limit the possible options elsewhere in the middle section of the strait. In addition to good for Octopus species, it also recently popular for three Rhinopias found in the rubble sections on the Northern end of the site.

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