Kaki Dian Tower

Kaki Dian is a tower with the form of the 7 hands of the chandelier with the height of 19m that lies about 3km from Airmadidi town. At the kaki dian tower you can enjoy a marvelous view of a part of the north Minahasa region, also the mountain range of Lokon mountain and Mahawu mountain.

This monument has very strategic location in the hills of Mount Klabat and it makes the monument is seen very clearly from Airmadidi and surrounding areas as the capital of North Minahasa. From the location of Kaki Dian is also presented beautiful scenery, where the visitors can see the panoramic view from Manado and its surroundings.

Moreover, the views of Manado bay and its islands is highly visible from here. The views of residential and green mountains in the Minahasa area are also beautifully seen from above Kaki Dian. It is easy to reach this location from Manado. It takes about 20 minutes’ drive to get to Airmadidi. From the roads Manado-Bitung to point Kaki Dian location is about 2 kilometers and it can be reach by using any vehicles, either private of public transportation.

From the main gate, the trip should be done as far as 1.2 km to reach the location. The trip will be quite challenging, because the winding road between thick forest in the foot of Mount Soputan. Just after arriving in the location that lies in 600 meters above sea level, the air temperature will be changed and more refreshing.

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