Nudi Retreat

Nudi retreas is the most heavily-dived site in the strait, this is a lovely Coral amphitheater in the shallows. It turns into a sand slope with encrusted boulders down below and two walls stretching out to either side sporting healthy soft Coral growth right up to only 2 metres in depth.

The prime attraction here are Pygmy Seahorses, cockatoo Waspfishes and Pegasus Seamoths along with the attractive underwater scenery and general variety. Coral Cat Sharks are often seen here on night dives.

This is yet another great site featuring a gentle reef slope that starts from a sheltered cove on the Sulawesi coast and descends gradually to a depth of 28 metres. Offering more coral than many of the dive locations you will find on the Lembeh Island side of the strait, healthy soft coral and anemones abound, playing host to probably the world's most popular fish, the anemone fish.

Nudi Falls is one of the best places in the Lembeh Strait for nudi hunters and you can expect many varieties in this one small area alone, whether on the black sandy floor, or feeding on ascidians or hydroids on the wall. However, there are more macro wonders here too including ribbon eels, pygmy seahorses, frogfish and mantis shrimps. It is one of those dive sites that will have you reaching for the I.D. books as soon as you are dry.

Nudi Falls is also one of the most popular and most legendary Night Dive Spots in Lembeh Strait, where there are thousands of weird crustaceans, Nudies and Bobtail Squids offer a spectacular dive that every diver visiting Lembeh should experience at least once during his stay. Due to its very exposed position Nudi Falls can have relatively strong currents at times. Then it it easier to dive relatively close to the wall and avoid the sandy slope and the soft coral fields.

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