Bentanan Beach

Bentenan beach is administratively part of Southeast Minahasa district. This beach is not so crowded by visitors for its beauty hampered by transportation difficulties. The distance from downtown Manado is probably about 90 kilometers and it takes about 2 hours. Bentenan is a beautiful beach that has a light brownish white sand.

This beach has a coastline which is unusually long because there are no large rocks and small rocks that cut this beach and the location is slightly indented. The beach is formed as a small bay. Alongside this white sandy beach is growing natural hedge in the form of palm trees that form long lines along the coast.

The beach is quite flat and comfortable to do some kind of sport activities. The most famous beach resorts are Bentenan Beach Resort; at the resort there is rental equipment to do water sports like diving and snorkeling.

Moreover, you can also enjoy the beauty of the beach by doing sunbathing, swimming and walking on the beach. Uniquely, in this resort there is ducks water provided, which is kind of water tricycles; an individual passenger boats with maximum of two people that highlighted by paddling in the feet shape resembles a duck. This resort has its own artificial pond that is wide enough and close to the beach.

We can stay at this resort that has good rooms in the form of cottages with a direct view to the beach and affordable price. Looked at from the mainland towards the beach, there will be seen a small island where the terrain is high enough to resemble a small hill called Bentenan Island.

The distance of Bentenan beach from Manado city is about 90 kilometers. The first 2 hours will pass good paving that nice and good condition, for the next half hour will pass a small road leading to the beach with some damage at the road.

We can use personal vehicle or a rental car for about Rp 250,000 per day. We can follow the road between the city of Manado – Tomohon – Kawangkoan – Langowan – Ratahan – Bentenan beach.

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