Bangka Island

This island lies within east Likupang district, about 60 minutes ride from Manado and continuing with motorboat about 30-40 minutes. Bangka island with beautiful sandy beaches, eternal, fertile, close habited and unique also a sea paradise because it contains a thousands of sea garden attractions including colorful corals with hundreds of ornamental fishes that lives within the spectacular coral reeves. Bangka Island also owns a variety of birds including the Maleo bird.

Bangka Island is a small island located just off the northeastern tip of Sulawesi, Indonesia. Bangka Island is known for its beautiful unspoiled beaches and exotic dive travel. There are four villages at the seashore of the island namely: Lihunu, Kahuku, Libas and Ehe.

Bangka Island is not yet sufficiently known to tourists, most people only recognize Bangka-Belitung Islands that located in the east of Sumatra Island. This small island that located in the northern part of North Sulawesi is becoming known to public since the controversy event in the media on the decisions of local governments that giving permision to the Mining Business License (IUP) to a multinational mining company from China to conduct exploration on the island of Bangka, which then plans to mine iron ore and build a steel smelter.

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