Lihaga Island

Lihaga Island is a small uninhabited island, which is famous for its beautiful beaches. The combination of white sand beaches and blue water is the main attraction of this island. This Island is such a virgin island for there are not much visitors coming to this place.

To get to this island from Manado, we have to take the route for about 90 minutes to a small village named Serei, Likupang. After arriving in Likupang, you still have to travel again for approximately 40 minutes using the local fishing boats that used to take tourists to Lihaga island from Serei Port with rents cost of about Rp. 800,000 for 20 passengers.

To reach the Lihaga Island you will take a trip over 2 hours. But no need to worry, this far traveling will not be in vain because after arriving at this uninhabited island, you will be greeted by the expanse of fine white sandy beach,that surrounded by the blue ocean.

In this place, you can do snorkeling and enjoy the beauty of the underwater. The underwater scenery around Lihaga Island is just the same with the famous Bunaken Marine Park. Eventhough, the island is un-inhabited, but you do not have to worry because it has provided toilets and changing rooms. In fact, the island has large wooden building to stay free.

To do snorkeling you have to provide the equipment by yourself because this place does not provide the tents and equipment. In addition, if you are planning a visit Lihaga Island, do not forget to buy food and drinks for there will not be any food stalls available.

Because of the natural beauty that is so awesome, Lihaga Island becomes one of the favorite locations of photographers. So do not be surprised when you visiting this Island, there will be photographers "wandering" in this place to capture the beauty of this uninhabited island.

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