Lokon Mountain

Lokon is a twin volcano together with Empung Mountain and is located close to the pleasantly cool town of Tomohon city, which is surrounded by agricultural land. It settled in the northern Sulawesi, Indonesia, roughly 10 km south of Manado. Both rise above the Tondano plain and are among active volcanoes of Sulawesi. Mount Lokon has a flat and craterless top. Its active crater is located on its foot, named "Tompaluan" crater.

At all recent eruptions have originated from the Tompaluan crater which lies in the saddle between the two peaks. When most people say they climbing for Lokon, it means that they visited the crater and most guides will think you only want to go to the crater, instead of the top of it.

The route to reach Lokon Mt is mostly passing a dry river bed that is actually an old lava flow from the Mountain. This trip can be quite slippery because the surface is so smooth. It takes 2 to 3 hours to reach the Crater Lake from Tomohon. Most people stop at the crater rarely go to the summit, for a very good reason.

The steeps slopes of the dome shaped in Lokon Mountain is quickly become dominated by 8 ft tall grasses that are razor-sharp. It is highly suggested for you to wear some gardening gloves and long trousers. If it is possible, you should also bring a machete to hack away the worst of the grasses that will be encroaching on the narrow path. The true summit on the relatively flat top is hard to find because of the grasses, but a trail is identifiable that winds through to a high point.

For those who are willing to hike Lokon Mountain but not really sure about the exact information can directly go to the Volcanological Center in Tomohon. Here, you can find out information about the activity of volcanoes in the area and obtain an English speaking guide. There are several guides have quite good knowledge about the history and geology of the area.

However, all the guesthouses and hotels will also be able to provide a guide too. A good thing about the hike to Lokon is that it starts from wherever you chose to stay in Tomohon. You begin by wandering along pleasant country lanes with good views of Lokon, before you have to pass by a small stone quarry and start the climbing to the crater.

For additional info, there is another overgrown crater nears the summit of Lokon, avoid this area and skirt around it to the left to reach the summit area. There is no view from the summit unless you cut away at the grass.

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