Ranopaso Hot Springs

The contour of the land in Minahasa is in the form of volcanic soil tha has potential in hot water overflow. This thing make Minahasa district has several attractions of hot spring, one of which is Ranopaso hot spring. This tourism site is located in the village of Koya, West Tondano District, Minahasa, North Sulawesi Province, or about 30 km from Manado. The word Ranopaso is taken from local language, which means hot water.

The hot water in this place is divided into various pools with several measures that flowed directly from the hot spring that located near from the location of the bath. The management also provides special equipped bathroom with bath-ups if we want to bath in private. The hot water in this bath has sulfur content that is believed to cure skin diseases. We will feel comfortable and relaxed while soaking in this hot water bath and make our bodies feel more refreshed.

In addition to enjoying the fresh water in Ranopaso Hot Spring, we can also enjoy the natural scenery around the bath which also has the same beautiful and cool air. If you plan to stay around this place, there are many cottages and bungalows which you could rent for a stay at an affordable price.

To reach this place from Manado, we can use public transportation to Ranopaso Hot Spring in Tondano city for about 1,5 hour drive.

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