Montehage Island

This Island is located in the middle of the ocean and part of Bunaken National Park. The exact location is in Wori District, North Minahasa Regency, North Sulawesi. This island is an inhabited island. Inside the island, there are four villages that inhabit the island which are Tangkasi Village, Buhias Village, Tinongko Village and Bongo Village.

Despite being in the middle of the sea, but most of the livelihood of the population are farmers and not fishermen. The manager of the island is the Hall of business from Bunaken National Marine Park-Manado, and they have rules that allowing Mantehage Island residents to catch fish to a certain limit. Perhaps, this factor makes those local people to choose to be farmers than fishermen.

Mantehage Island is also known by the name of Mantehrawu or Manterao Island. The island has beautiful natural scenery and it overgrown by mangroves. There are various types of fishes; coral reefs and marine life have been found in the waters of this island. The wave is also quiet and the current is moderate. So, it is suitable for snorkeling and diving activities.

On this island, there are several food stalls that provide seafood and Manado porridge. However, there has been no inn or hotel on the island. When you want to stay, you can spend the night in local homes or stay at Siladen Island. The distance from Mantehage Island to Siladen Island is only about an hour's drive.

To go to the location of Mantehage Island, you can go through the city of Manado. From the center of Manado city, you can go directly to the Port of Manado. From the port, you can rent a boat or speedboat to get to the Mantehage Island for about an hour's drive.

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