Ayam Kalasan
Sudirman Street 9, Manado
Phone: (0431) 863251

Cakalang (Sahid Kawanua Hotel)
Sam Ratulangi Street 1, Manado
Phone: (0431) 867777

Dua Raya
Walanda Maramis Street 84, Manado
Phone: (0431) 862236

Fiesta Ria
Sam Ratulangi Street, Manado

Istana Kelapa
Piere Tendean Street, Manado

Jawa Timur
Diponegoro Street 73, Manado
Phone: (0431) 851085

Klabat Indah
Sam Ratulangi Street 211, Manado
Phone: (0431) 862405

Sam Ratulangi Street, Manado

Pondok Mutiara Bambu
Sudirman Street, Manado

Selera Minahasa
Dotu Lolong Lasut Street, Manado

Tinoor Jaya
Sam Ratulangi Street, Manado

Dr. Sutomo Street 25, Manado

Sam Ratulangi Street 89, Manado
Phone: (0431) 863022

New Bambuden
Pemuda Street 2, Manado
Phone: (0431) 852459

Kentucky Fried Chicken
Sudirman Street 73, Manado
Phone: (0431) 868194

Nyiur Melambai
AA. Maramis Kairagi Street II, Manado
Phone: (0431) 867355

Sudirman Street 51, Manado
Phone: (0431) 866322

Rock Band
Ahmad Yani Street XVI/1, Manado
Phone: (0431) 843765

Bunaken Indah
Martadinata Street 53, Manado

Singgalang Sago
Sam Ratulangi Street, Manado
Phone: (0431) 852673

New Surabaya
Sarapung Street 33, Manado
Phone: (0431) 859077

Manado Hill Top Restauranta
17 Agustus Street, Manado
Phone: (0431) 866581

Latest News

Lenso Dance, The Dance Of Celebration

Lenso Dance Lenso is a folk dance from Minahasan, North Sulawesi and Maluku. The word Lenso means handkerchief, hence it uses that property during the dance. This dance is commonly presented in groups during some occasions or party, like wedding … Continue reading

The Exotic Lembeh Island

Lembeh Island Lembeh island is part of Bitung administrative area in North Sulawesi. The island is separated from the mainland of Sulawesi Island by the Lembeh Strait. Lembeh island is famous for those who like to dive, because Lembeh island … Continue reading

The Beauty Of Tomohon

Tomohon Tomohon is a city on Sulawesi in Indonesia. It is a new city in the province of North Sulawesi Initially, Tomohon was a part of the Minahasa regency in North Sulawesi. Tomohon, since the first early time has been … Continue reading

Bitung For Everyone

Bitung Bitung is one of cities in North Sulawesi, Bitung is located in the northeast of Minahasa Land. Bitung City consists of land area located at the foot of the mountain Duasudara, and an island named Lembeh. Bitung is a … Continue reading

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