Jahir Dive Site

Named after the dive guides that discovered it Jahir is another great muck site with lots of purple heart urchin’s home to the beautiful Zebra crab. Ambon scorpion fish are regulars along with tiny frogfish and many eels. Nighttime gives a good opportunity to see the strange stargazer.

Jahir is one of the newest dive sites discovered in the strait and was named after the guide who first found it. Jahir is a site that in many ways typifies Lembeh, with black volcanic sand that you will slowly cruise over with your nose close to the sea-bed.

A continuation of the more popular Jahir, this is a wide expanse of shallow sand littered with Sponges and small bommies. This site has a steep sand slope leading down to an excellent cleaning station occupying a single large rock down at 26 metres. Though not as crowded with critters in comparison with Jahir, there are still interesting finds to be had here, such as Stonefishes, various Frogfishes and interesting Pipefishes.

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