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Tomohon is a city on Sulawesi in Indonesia. It is a new city in the province of North Sulawesi Initially; Tomohon was a part of the Minahasa regency in North Sulawesi. Tomohon, since the first early time has been written in recent history. One of them contained in the ethnographic work of Rev. N. Graafland that when, on January 14, 1864 aboard the Queen Elisabeth ship, he wrote about a country named Tomohon which he visited in the years around 1850. The development of civilization and the development and societal dynamics from year to year making Tomohon as one capital district in Minahasa regency.

The local inhabitant is mostly come from Tombulu tribe, but there is also Toutemboan tribe which is located in northern side of Tomohon, precisely in Tinoor village, that is Tinoor satu and Tinoor dua. Other tribe outside Tomohon is also live peacefully under the same roof.

In daily speaking, Tomohon people use Tomohon language and Bahasa Indonesia, they also speak in Minahasan. Minahasa language has 8 traditional dialects like Tountemboan, Toulour, Tombulu and many more. The local language most often used in Tomohon is Tombulu language, because it is included in the ethnic areas Tombulu Tomohon.

Moreover, beside the conversational language above, turns out, there are also communities in Minahasa and Tomohon especially parents who master the Dutch language because of the influence of the Dutch colony and the antiquity of the schools that use the Dutch language.

Tomohon people mostly hold Christianity and become the center of Protestant Christianity in Minahasa. Meanhile, for those who are Moslem, mostly live in Java Town or Kampung Jawa. Tomohon people same like the Minahasa people, generally have the customs and culture known as Mapalus. Mapalus means working together and help each other, it has been rooted and entrenched in society of Minahasa. That culture is still maintained and preserved until these days.

On the economic side, Tomohon is famous by the flowers producer in Sulawesi. Tomohon market was once the largest traditional market in Minahasa. Where sold various types of meat such as: beef, pork, dog, tree rats, bats and chickens. In addition, Tomohon market also sells various types of sea fish and freshwater fish. The Tomohon local culinary is quite interesting, but some people who are not familiar with the food will feel awkward or even forbidden for some societies. Like RW or dog spicy meat, Paniki or Bat meat, Pork and Roasted spicy rats. Can you imagine? But those are yummy.

Tomohon culinaries or North Sulawesi food in general have some spicy foods. The more it is spicy, the more it delicious. Tomohon is flanked by three volcanoes: Lokon mt, Mahawu mt, and Masarang mt, this make Tomohon become a fertile area and become tourism destination. The most interesting part of tourism in Tomohon is Flower Festival which is held every two years. Other tourism destinations in Tomohon are, Linow Lake, Rurukan agro tourism, Wooden traditional house, and some cultural destinations.

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