Baling – Baling Island

This island is not as popular as Bunaken, in fact, there are many tourists who do not know about the existence of this island. Nevertheless, the beauty of this Island just as the same as Bunaken.

Baling baling Island is a small Island in round shape. The island is still in the area of Tumbak, a village of fishermen that reside in Southeast Minahasa Regency, precisely in Tumbak village, District Posumaen, Southeast Minahasa Regency, North Sulawesi. The distance is about three hours’ drive from the center of Manado city. The island has a natural beauty that is not less beautiful with Bunaken. The sand beach on the island is finely white, with clear blue sea water.

The underwater panorama at this beach is also nice. On this island, you can do fishing, snorkeling and diving. Moreover, at this Island there is a small hill that is suitable as a place to enjoy a panoramic sunrise or sunset. The dramatic nuance around the place will suitable for those who has moment to take pre-wedding photoshoot.

Those who want to stay at this island, there is a cottage available. It lies on Tumbak sea and it can be reached for about 15 minutes from Tumbak Village by motor boat. In addition, some homestay also already started to be built here. There are no seller or food stalls on the island. For food, you can get it in Tumbak village, or bring food and your own drink.

Baling baling Island is accessible via the city of Manado. The distance is only about three hour drive from Manado city by land vehicles.

The route from Manado is, you can go straight toward the village of Tumbak. From Tumbak village, you can get to Baling baling islang by using Motor boat. It might take about 15 minutes away.

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