Lahendong Pine Forest and Hot Spring

Lahendong is a village in the southern part of Tomohon. In this Lahendong there are pine trees that growing and become pine forest for tourism destination; there is also has a hot for water bath in this area and become favorit for those who visit this place.

Lahendong hot water bathing pool is made by the local community to take the advantage of the beauty from the dense pine forest and its location that has hot springs containing sulfur.

When passing through the area of Lahendong, at some point we will smell 'fart' kinda smell, that taken from sulfur smell around the hot water. According to scientists that have been studying this place, the levels of sulfur in Lahendong is quite high. This is understandable because the location of Lahendong is not far from Lake Linow, the lake that can change color due to the high sulfur content. Furthermore, around the water bath there is sludge heat steaming water with bubbles and sometimes spout the hot water.

In Lahendong hot water, there are three groups of hot tubs. The first one, there are several rooms, each of which there is a small pool of hot water, the pond is small and it can only accommodate one person. The room the closed so the visitors can bathe undress here. Relax yourself enjoying the warm water while bathing and pampering your body, relieving fatigue of everyday activities.

To reach this place is better use private vehicles or rental one, so that they can enjoy the trip, because the route is has very beautiful view in here and there that decorated by a pine forest. To rent a car the average price will be Rp 250,000 per day; there so many rental car and motor-cycle in Manado and Tomohon, with estimated price about Rp 35,000 to Rp 50,000.

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