Temboko Lehi Beach

Temboko Lehi beach or also known as Lehi Beach is one of the unique beaches in Indonesia. That located in the sub-district of West Siau, District Siau Tagulandang Biaro (Sitaro), North Sulawesi Province. The distance is about 137 km from Manado city center.

This beach has bluish nuance sea and quite beautiful panorama around it. The thing that makes it more unique is the sea water that does not feel cold but hot. In fact, this beach is located at the foot of Gunung Api Karengetang that still active. That makes along its coastline, the sea water feel hot. Even the seawater is not as salty as common sea water.

The hot sea water around the shore makes no fishes swimming around the beach, even if you digging the sand beaches, you can see the hot sea water vapor poking into the air. So, it is better for you not to immediately swimming into the shores. When you want to feel the warm sea water at Lehi Beach, you can go to a small pool that located around the beach. That pool is kind of bath tub that being used by local residents for bathing purposes since long time ago. Do not worry about the water, because the water in the pond is not that hot but warm enough to get shower.

Beside the bath tub, you can also enjoy the warm sea water at Lehi beach in the rugged and rocky coast. The location is a bit hidden. You have to walk a few meters away from the sandy beach, and treking down the large stones to find the curve of the rocks. At the location of the rocks here, you can feel a warm sensation from hot water vapor that coming out from the rocks.

At this coastal area the facilities are still unmaintained, but the local government has been improved some existing facilities in this coastal region, like developing relaxing places for visitors, public toilets, and improve bathing pool for the visitors. You can also get some lodging and places to eat around the District Sitaro.

The nearest town to get to the location of this beach is via Manado. The distance is about 137 km from Manado city center. From the center of Manado, you can go directly to the Port of Manado by using ground vehicles. From Manado Harbour, the journey continues by ship and heading to Pelabuhan Pehe that located on the Island of Siau, and it takes about four hours away. From Port Pehe, you can continue the journey by motorcycle taxi to go to the beach location, and it might take about 20 minutes away.

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