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Bitung is one of cities in North Sulawesi, Bitung is located in the northeast of Minahasa Land. Bitung City consists of land area located at the foot of the mountain Duasudara, and an island named Lembeh. Bitung is a city of industry, particularly the fishing industry.

According to the historical stories, Bitung name taken from the name of a tree that grow in the northern region of Sulawesi Island. The resident who first gave the name was Dotu Hermanus Sompotan, in traditional language called Tundu’an or leader. From Around the 1940s, the fishery entrepreneurs in Celebes sea was interested in the existence of Bitung than Kema (now North Minahasa regency) that had once been a trading port, because they believe that Bitung was more strategic and can be used as a substitute port Kema. Finally, Based on Government Regulation No. 4 / 1975 dated 10 April 1975 City of Bitung was inaugurated as the first administrative district in Indonesia.

The inhabitant in Bitung is Sangir people, which is one of sub tribe from Manadonese or Minahasan. So the existing culture in Bitung is not separated from the existing culture in the North Nusa region. There are also the minor ethnic who live in Bitung like Javanese and Gorontalo, the number of Tionghoa people is quite large in Bitung. Most of those ethnics are working as trader.

Most inhabitants in Bitung are holding Christian Protestant as their religion, while, in most Javanese and Gorontalo hold Islam as their religion. Konghucu and Buddha is hold by the Tionghoa ethnic. In daily speaking, Bitung people use Manado language or Sangir language. While Bahasa Indonesia is still become the national language to communicate.

The culture in the City of Bitung is much influenced by the culture of Sangir and Talaud, relating the number of people from ethnic Sangir. The examples of cultural Sangir and Talaud in Bitung are Masamper. Masamper is a combination of singing and a dance which contains of advices, tips, also words of praise to God. Other Sangir culture can be found in Bitung is Tulude / Menulude. Tulude derived from the word Suhude meaning rejected. The traditional events of menulude are about to praise the Duata / Ruata (God), and being thankful for His protection.

Bitung economic field is dominated by agriculture and plantation sector. But in its growth, industrial sector developed rapidly and reached the highest value. In 2004 transport and communication sector contributed the largest economy in the city of Bitung. Industries in Bitung City are dominated by the fishing industry, shipbuilding, and coconut oil industry. In addition there is also a marine transportation industry, food, steel, medium and small industries.

The tourism destination in Bitung is spread all over the sub-district, like in Ranowulu sub-district there is Fort Resort, Nature forest, Dua Saudara Mountain, Tangkoko National Park, Batu Putih Beach and Tangkoko Mountain. In Matuari sub-district there is Japan Monument, Tanjung Merah Beach, Millenium and Sea View Resort. While in Mandidir sub-district there is Seng Bo Kiong Temple and the historical place when the World War II happened.

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