Majestic Dutch Structures in Teluk Bayur Sub-District, Berau

What makes Berau District popular among tourists? Well, the answer is definitely Derawan Islands. Yet, travelers keep coming to such region for numerous reasons. Thanks to tons of vacation destinations, offered by Berau. In Teluk Bayur Sub-district, for example, there are some majestic Dutch Structures with their valuable history and mesmerizing design. The fact is Teluk Bayur was once a colony of the Dutch. No wonder, it holds many reminescenes of the Dutch, including its structures that attract many tourists from different regions. This also explains why Teluk Bayur is a recommended tourist destination for those visiting Berau.

The Nuance
Despite their old age and terrible condition, the Dutch structures remain intact. Apart from structures, there is also a football field, which today becomes a center of sports activity among people who live in Teluk Bayur. It was once used by labors who work in a nearby coal mine, actually. In fact, the field was used by a famous football club – Ajax Amsterdam. They came to do a friendly match back then. Also, there are old houses, which were used by “meneers” (the Dutch’s nobles) or bosses of the coal mine.

Exploring Teluk Bayur
Teluk Bayur District is considered the old town of Berau. It is the best location to witness the traces of history and conduct photography. Those old structures were the reminescenes of the 16th century, so they hold high valuable history! Not only Teluk Bayur offers old houses, but it is also the home of old fortress, wells, and tunnel rails. Those were primary structures used by the Dutch during the coal mining operation, after all. After the Independence of Indonesia, the mine was used by the local government and businessmen, especially Bara Jaya Utama Ltd. Still, tourists are allowed to visit it for either sightseeing or photography.

According to the locals, the most famous spot in Teluk Bayur District is the old tunnel. The reason is tourists come to the site to enjoy its nuance and take some pictures. A trip to such tunnel requires a small trekking, which is nice. People can enjoy beautiful scenery along the way to the site, such as lush forest, pristine lake, and fresh air. Despite the tiring effort, everyone won’t regret it at all. It is because both the views and the tunnel are rewarding.

Another interesting attraction in Teluk Bayur District is its history. Some tourists might wonder why there are many Javanese there. Well, the rumor has it. The Dutch brought many people from Java as their labors. These people married to each other and grew their number over time. These days, some of them work as a tour guide and they help tourists to explore all interesting spots in Teluk Bayur. Their fee is even cheap and their service is excellent.

Nearby Attractions

  • Segah River
  • Teluk Bayur Port
  • Teluk Bayur Market
  • Sei Tangap Forest

How to Get There
It is easy to reach Teluk Bayur Sub-district because it is located near to Tanjung Redeb. The distance between those regions is 34 km, so tourists only need to take about 50 minutes to get to their destination. First, they must take an airplane to Kalimarau Airport in Berau, though. Later, they need to ride local transportation service to Teluk Bayur through Ahmad Yani Street.

Where to Stay

  • Millenium Hotel
  • Cantika Swara Hotel
  • Neotel Hotel

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