Dumaring Village in Talisayan Sub-District, Berau

No one can deny the beauty of Derawan Archipelago, which resides in Berau District. Does it mean travelers don’t have other options? Well, that is not true. Berau consists of several sub-districts and each of them owns numerous tourists attractions, on which tourists can explore. Talisayan, for example, it offers a potential village called Dumaring. Regarded as a beautiful settlement, it is suitable for spending holidays and cultural tour and tourists can do many things there, including sightseeing, meeting villagers, visiting a nearby beach, and exploring the forest. All of those adventures are available in Dumaring.

The Nuance
Most of the villagers work as a farmer and they own several paddy farms. Due to such potential, the local government puts lots of effort in retaining the farm production. In terms of tourism, it is likely they depend on its ecotourism like a protected forest and Teluk Barukang Beach. Those are the prime attractions in Dumaring, after all. When it comes to the nuance, the village has adapted into a modern way of living. No wonder, some of the locals own smartphones and other gadgets. This also explains why some villagers speak English fluently and work as a tour guide.

Exploring Dumaring Village
One of the charms of Dumaring Village is its protected forest. Being an important aspect of ecotourism, the forest offers various flora and fauna to tourists. With such potential, the forest would keep attracting tourists in the future. Not to mention it offers exotic animals like tigers, deer, owa-owa, orangutan, and others. Above all, the size of the forest is about 5000 hectares and it still has much potential for improvements. Some tourists even come to the forest to do photography! It’s because they are amazed by its lush nuance and beautiful animals.

The next attraction is Teluk Barukang Beach and it is located in the northeast of the village. Tourists only need to take a few minutes to reach the beach by motorcycle or other transportation services. So, what can they do there? The beach offers beautiful sea scenery with its soft and comfortable sand. Most of the time, visitors would enjoy its nuance and relax, accompanied by gusty wind. Somehow, the beach is also suitable for photography and beach walking. What about swimming? Well, it is not recommended as the waves are too strong.

After enjoy good times in both protected forest and Teluk Barukang Beach, tourists should head back to the village for resting. At night, they can approach villagers and bond with them. Have no worries. A local tour guide may serve as an interpreter. Sometimes, villagers even provide free local foods to foreigners, including Tumpi Udang and Lawar Pakis.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
The first checkpoint is Balikpapan City and travelers can reach it by airplane. Once they get to Sultan Aji Airport, they may continue their trip and head to Berau District. Another trip is needed and this time they head to Talisayan Sub-district. A trip from Balikpapan to Talisayan takes about 14 hours, actually.

Where to Stay

  • Derawan Indah Hotel
  • Palmy Hotel
  • Grand Parama Hotel
  • Millenium Hotel

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