King Alam’s Tomb in Batu Putih Sub-District, Berau

Visiting Derawan Archipelago is a good thing, but travelers need also consider exploring other parts of Berau District. Many historical sites are waiting for tourists to arrive. As for the reference, there is King Alam’s Tombstone, which resides in Tembudan Village. It is the burial site of Sultan Alimuddin, who ruled that region between 1810 and 1848. These days, most of the visitors come to the site for pilgrimage and learning its history. That means the tombstone is a recommended site for a religious tour. Even the relatives of the king often come to the site, as well.

The Nuance
In terms of size, King Alam’s Tombstone is considered small. The area is surrounded by fences and some plants, especially flowers. An open roof covers the main tombstone, which belongs to King Alam. There are other tombs surrounding that main burial site, as well. According to the locals, those were the relatives of the king. Despite the small size, the site offers a clean and comfortable atmosphere. Not many people are seen in the location, as well. That means it is suitable for either pilgrimage or praying. Thanks to the keepers.

Exploring King Alam’s Tomb
The most common thing to do in King Alam’s Tomb is to learn the history of the site. The fact is King Alam is the son of Amiril Mukmini and he was a respected person back then. Due to his charisma, even his tomb is quite popular among both locals and tourists. Mostly, they want to learn the history of the king. The complete information regarding such history is provided by either a tour guide or the locals. Either way, tourists must understand the Indonesian Language, as it helps them learn the story better.

Apart from the history, visitors reach the tomb for pilgrimage. It is because they consider it a sacred site, and they give a prayer there. They believe that they might get prosperity and luck from it. This explains why visitors bring some offerings (Sajen) to the burial site. Usually, it is in the form of rose petals and jasmines. The fact is it has become a custom among the locals, even though forerign tourists consider it strange. While performing pilgrimage, some people give a prayer to the tomb. The hope is a more prosperous and healthier life.

Another thing that tourists can do in King Alam’s Tomb is photography. That means visitors are allowed to carry a camera or smartphone in the burial site. The rule is they should not cause any ruckus or litter there. Those are the basic rules, because the site is considered sacred. Even running is not allowed! This is how tourists show respect to the dead and any historical sites.

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How to Get There
Travelers can either come from Balikpapan City or Berau District. The second option is considered the fastest, though. Once they reach Kalimarau Airport in Berau, they can take a taxi and head to Batu Putih Sub-district. Later, they can ask information from the locals regarding the location of the tomb.

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