Malinau Regency

Long Mungan is reside in Pujungan river is: Jeram Beluwe, Cow, Luu, Noa, Entaa Liang, Bearau, Pangin, Baliu, Mading, Lung, Lesung, Alo, Badeng, Telasu, Buet, Enta Talang, Monkey, Wung, Abye, Luhung, Geng Batu Baya, Enta Lunuk, Loang Pande, Kaa Miung, Kerabang, Long Beluah, Long Uan, Tako, Kaa Besun, Kaa Kaleng, Bekai Paying, Bulo Latung, Anye Bung, Mop, Long Mejan, Dayak Kenyah Tribe who live in Pujungan district that is: Urna Lasan, Amaryllis, Pua, Lepo Ke, Lepo Maut, Uma Lung, Punan Benalui, Uma Alim, Badeng, Leppo Ngibun and Lepo Entang. The varieties generate variety of culture art. If you wished to visit this location, it can apply longboat from Selor Bay Long Peso - Long Pujungan.

Long Nawang resides in riparian Kayan River and abuts on Serawak. Long Nawang is the capital Kayan Hulu district that is ahead recognized as Apo Kayan. Here central both of Dayak Kenyah tribe center artistry culture is not custom in. The distance from Long Serawak with Long Lawang is about 570 km. This area has the history evidence of colonization epoch with ex country doorstep and Dutch army grave. Sambudurut village located of crossed of Malinau city and in this countrified dwelt by Dayak Punan tribe. Besides alongside Tubo river also there is a tribe Dayak Punan village. Where this Punan tribe people is recognized as agility to hunt and expert to make clipper and clipper poison and cane mat. For tourist who wish to visit this Dayak Punan tribe area through Tarakan towards to Malinau and after get rent Longboat to Dayak Punan tribe location with Guide by the local guide Malinau.

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