Inaran Waterfall in Sambaliung Sub-District, Berau

It is time to visit a famous region called Berau District, which is located in East Kalimantan. Without a doubt, Berau is renowned for its Derawan Archipelago. That doesn’t mean tourists can only enjoy such attraction, though. The fact is many other nature attractions are available for tourists to enjoy. Featuring a calm nuance and pristine water, Inaran Waterfall becomes a recommended tourist spot for those visiting Berau. As the name suggest, it is located in Inaran Village and it belongs to Sambaliung Sub-district. It even has gained much attention from the local government, so future developments are likely to happen.

The Nuance
As mentioned earlier, the nuance is calm there. Thanks to its unspoiled nature. Inaran Waterfall offers a relaxing atmosphere to visitors. The sound of the water is also mesmerizing. No wonder, tourists often take advantage of the nuance for relaxing. Not to mention there is a nature pond below the falls, which are suitable for swimming and playing water. Next, there are several stones where tourists can climb. On those spots, people usually take pictures and enjoy photography to their heart’s content.

Exploring Inaran Waterfall
The fact is Inaran Waterfall is a new vacation spot, as it has been found recently by the locals. No wonder, the condition is pristine and the environment is unspoiled. In this case, tourists aren’t allowed to litter when spending time on the site. Getting in the pond is allowed, as long as tourists don’t spoil it. Apart from the cleanliness, visitors need to consider the clothes. It is likely they are going to get wet. Thus, carrying extra clothes is recommended. If not, they should not go swimming or get too close to the falls.

The next fun activity is photography. Many beautiful backgrounds are available in the location such as the fall, lush trees, and much more. For better pictures, tourists need to stand on the stone and take pictures from there. Is it safe? That’s the question. The stones are indeed slippery, so tourists must be more careful when stepping on them. Also, it is better to wear proper sandals or footwear. This helps them reducing the risk of falling. Another tip is regarding the quality of the camera. For the best pictures, they must use the right gadget, for sure.

After exploring Inaran Waterfall, they must go back to the village. At that time, they can enjoy delicious foods and rest for a while in villagers’ house. They can get all of these perks, as long as they communicate well with the locals. Here is an important tip. They should hire a local tour guide that can speak the Indonesian Language well.

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How to Get There
The waterfall is located in Inaran Village and it belongs to Sambaliung Sub-district. In order to reach the location, tourists must reach the capital of Berau, which is Tanjung Redeb. They can take advantage of an airplane and head to Kalimarau Airport, actually. The last thing to do is to reach Sambaliung and head to Inaran.

Where to Stay

  • Bumi Segah Hotel
  • Cantika Swara Hotel
  • Grand Parama Hotel

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