Sanggam Park in Tanjung Redeb Sub-District, Berau

Before exploring Derawan Islands, it is better to visit some interesting places in Berau District. As for the reference, there is Sanggam Park, which belongs to Tanjung Redeb Sub-district. It is a fun place to enjoy a recreation and family vacation. Visitors can relax and witness several plants or beautiful flowers. Also, they can gather with friends or families in order to enjoy bonding. Not to mention the location is quite crowded in weekends, so visitors can make new friends there. With all those benefits, it should be Berau’s pride when it comes to local tourism.

The Nuance
Sanggam Park is an open space, which features both plants and flowers. Surrounded by those beautiful things, visitors won’t get bored spending times in the park. It becomes crowded both in the morning and afternoon, actually. Most of the people come to the park to enjoy a family recreation and relaxation. Parents even have the chance to introduce their kids to several types of flowers and plants! Due to its width, the park is also suitable for jogging and for playing some games like hide-and-seek or sprint.

Exploring Sanggam Park
The park has a strategic location, which resides in the same area as the local library and Banua Educative House. It is true the park’s main attractions are flowers and plants. However, there will be a fruit garden soon. Thanks to the local government. They keep upgrading the park, so visitors feel contented there. Parents can take advantage of it, too. They are able to introduce different types of flowers and fruits to their kids. Another good thing is that they can reach nearby library and other attractions.

The presence of Sanggam Park is also beneficial to local tourism. It increases the number of visitors in Tanjung Redeb, in fact. According to the local government, the park could educate tourists regarding the importance of nature and environment. It even encourages people to cultivate or grow plants in their yard. Sometimes, the government also conducts some programs and training in that park. Tourists would feel lucky if they come at the right time and join such events. It is quite possible, as long as they have researched the schedule beforehand. Taking advantage of a tour guide or service would be quite a help, too.

In terms of history, there was a traditional market in the location where Sanggam Park resides now. Though, it got burnt thoroughly. What people can see now is a wide and beautiful park, which is located near to Kelay River. Another attraction is the presence of ancient structures, which are similar to tombstones. People were surprised back then when heard about those items. Fortunately, those are only broken benches located in Sanggam Park. Still, they become famous objects for photography!

Nearby Attractions

  • Banua Educative House
  • Kalay River
  • Cendana Park

How to Get There
To be exact, Sanggam Park is located in Milono Street and it belongs to Tanjung Redeb Sub-district. The simplest method is go by airplane and the destination is Berau District (Kalimarau Airport). From there, they can simply take a local transportation service to Tanjung Redeb, which takes about 20 minutes via Sultan Agung Street.

Where to Stay

  • Bumi Segah Hotel
  • Cantika Swara Hotel
  • Neotel Hotel

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