Tanah Merah Waterfall

Tanah Merah waterfall has a height of about 15 meters. White water flowing behind big rocks and when the water falls into the lake below it was not clear that the actual color. The muddy color due to the composition of soil which is actually above the peat forest land mixes with water that causes the water become brown cloudy.

The location of Tanah Merah Waterfall is about 14 km from Samarinda downtown, precisely in Purwosari orchard, north Samarinda district. If using public transportation, the visitors can use the route to Segiri Market to Siring River. Then stop at three-junction towards Tanah Merah Waterfall. If the visitors come from Samarinda City, the gateway of Tanah Merah Waterfall is on the right side and opposite if the direction from Bontang. This tourism place has compatible calm for family recreation because equipped with wide park area; ancient verandah palace to took a rest, booth, open stage and others.

To get Tanah Merah Waterfall is quite difficult, because the access road is still repaired by the local government. Targeted on the next year the road will be good to access. The road from the ticket counter to get Tanah Merah Waterfall is not paved. Approximately one kilometer access are still dominated by soil and rock. However, rural atmosphere and the settlement would be fun along the way to the location. The tickets for admission to these attractions is 5,000 IDR/person, for children is 2,000 IDR. While motorcycle and car parking is 2,000 IDR.

The facilities offered by the manager tour is complete enough, such as; open stage, bathroom, seat or bench garden, swimming pool, fishing pond, public hall, gazebo for a break, playground area, some stalls and parking area. For the benefit of visitors to see the whole scenery around the waterfall, the manager builds a wooden staircase which divides the hill. So that visitors more freely up and down the hill without worrying fall slip.

The existence of Tanah Merah Waterfall is still become a favorite destination for Samarinda people. They usually visit this Tanah Merah Waterfall with their family or friends. Tanah Merah Waterfall is crowded on holiday or weekend. After a pretty long journey, plus going up and down stairs, you may feel tired. Yet it will soon disappear once you reach Tanah Merah Waterfall for the beautiful landscape waterfall will remove all your fatigue.

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