Batu Lungun (Dayak’s Ancient Tomb) in Merasa Village, Berau

After spending good times in Derawan Islands, the next recommended adventure is in Merasa Village, which also belongs to Berau. At least, many passionate travelers have recommended it to others. One of the reasons in visiting such tourist spot is the presence of Batu Lungun or Dayak’s Ancient Tomb. In the Indonesian Language, it is called “Kuburan Batu”. Dayak Tribe used to bury their relatives by inserting the corpse to that stone and leave it in a cave near to Kelay River! In fact, the cave is situated in a highland.

The Nuance
The location where Batu Lungun is located consists of a hill with several holes. The locals used to insert a stone coffin to such small cave back then. It is true the shape of the coffin is unique, decorated with Dayak’s craving. Next, it is related to the size of the cave, which is too narrow. Even though people are able to enter it, they won’t feel comfortable at all. Not to mention the nuance is too creepy and dark. It is a burial site, after all. On the other hand, passionate photographers are likely to enter the cave because they want to capture the best pictures at all cost.

Exploring Batu Lungun
It is true Merasa Village is a beautiful local settlement, but it also has a thrilling tourist spot. These days, Batu Lungun becomes one of primary vacation destinations in Berau District and it has been chosen as the most interesting site for exploration. No wonder, such ancient burial site represents Dayak’s culture and way of living. Not only the cave holds tombs, but it also stores Dayak’s antiques. Those items were the reminescene of Dayak Tribe! That means they have historical values that all people should appreciate. This also explains why some historians are interested to come to Batu Lungun.

One of the reasons in visiting the ancient tombstone of Dayak is its trip. The fact is it takes much effort in order to reach the location. For example, tourists must ride a “ketinting” (a traditional boat) for 15 minutes. For those who want to enter the cave, they need to crawl into it. The size of the mouth of the cave is quite small, having the diameter less than 1 meter! No facilities and stairs are available there, so visitors must be careful in climbing the hill. Still, this is an interesting trekking, which everyone can enjoy.

Inside the cave, tourists might found 5 ancient tombs, which have been there for hundreds of years. Though, the condition is not quite good as some parts of the tombs are damaged. Those were caused by thiefs who stole valuable antiques and Dayak’s jewelry back then. The lack of protection from the local government also becomes the cause of such issue. Hopefully, that site gets more attention from both the locals and government, so it can attract more tourists in the future.

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How to Get There
The first destination is the capital of Berau District, which is Tanjung Redeb City. The fastest transportation service is an airplane, actually. Once they reach Kalimarau Airport, they may continue the trip and head to Kelay Sub-district right away. Next, they must reach Merasa Village, where Batu Lungun is located. The last thing to do is to ride a ketinting and head to the location.

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