Nyapa Indah Village in Sambaliung Sub-District, Berau

Berau District has more beautiful tourist spots apart from Derawan Archipelago. These include beautiful landscapes, which are offered by nearby villages. As for the reference, tourists should go to Nyapa Indah Village, which resides in Sambaliung Sub-district. Being a traditional and beautiful settlement make it popular among tourists these days. People come to Nyapa Indah in order to enjoy its majestic hill views and pristine panorama. That means the location is suitable for a recreation, photography, and sightseeing. Some tourists also come to the village to meet villagers and learn local culture.

The Nuance
The environment is clean and comfortable. It is because the locals take a good care of their surroundings. Several hills are seen near to the village, where tourists can explore later. Local farms are also seen in the location. This shows that most of the villagers work as a farmer. Even tourists are allowed to take pictures of farmers working in their fields! Next, it is related to the houses. The traditional houses of Nyapa Indah Village are indeed amusing, featuring a high foundation. Sometimes, villagers invite tourists to their house and provide warm local tea to them! It is only for lucky visitors, though.

Exploring Nyapa Indah Village
Spending hours in Nyapa Indah Village won’t be a wasteful experience. Lots of nature attractions are available there, including green grassy landscape, fish ponds, traditional houses, and stunning hills. Despite its secluded location, the village has become a popular tourist spot in Sambaliung Sub-district. For those who are looking for a peaceful nuance, the village is considered a perfect destination. On top of that, the air is fresh and the environment is calm. All stresses and problems might go away in an instant!

Apart from sightseeing, tourists can also go hiking in nearby hills. The route is easy and it features lots of majestic nature attractions, especially lush trees. As for the tips, tourists must have prepared everything prior to trekking. These include comfortable footwear, a camera, bottled drink, etc. If necessary, they must come with a tour guide. He can help to choose the right route, which is more efficient in reaching the top of the hill. Also, it is better to come at the perfect times, such as during the sunset or sunrise.

Another thing to do in Nyapa Indah Village is to get closer to the natives. People who live in Nyapa Indah are quite friendly, and some of them even provide a free room to tourists. This way, there is no need to rent a hotel room when visiting the village. What’s more? The local kids often play in the street and they always smile to foreign tourists. They indeed become a mood booster for the guests. Also, don’t ever miss the opportunity to try local foods like Pindang mannung and Tumpi Udang.

Nearby Attractions

  • Sambaliung Palace
  • Inaran Waterfall
  • Musuk River
  • Kelay River
  • Rantau Panjang Waterfall
  • Payau Captive Breeding
  • Sentosa Waterpark

How to Get There
The first thing to do is to reach Tanjung Redeb by airplane. Once tourists arrive at Kalimarau Airport, they can directly head to Sambaliung Sub-district by taxi or other transportation services. Another trip is required in reaching Nyapa Indah Village, which takes about 1 hour.

Where to Stay

  • Bumi Segah Hotel
  • Grand Parama Hotel
  • Cantika Swara Hotel

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