Sulaiman Bay in Biduk-Biduk Sub-District, Berau

Regarded as the best tourist spot in Berau District, Derawan Archipelago never disappoints tourists. However, travelers should explore other interesting locations in Berau like Biduk-Biduk Sub-district. It is the home of famous Sulaiman Bay, on which people can enjoy a beautiful sunset, sightseeing, photography, and much more. It is also a perfect spot to witness fishermen or local’s daily routine. With all of those attractions, visitors would have good times when spending a vacation in the bay. It is definitely a recommended tourist spot for any tourists who are visiting Berau District, especially in Biduk-Biduk.

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, the bay is considered peaceful. It is located near to a village, which means tourists might see several fishermen there. It is because most of the locals work as a fisherman, and they park their boat in Sulaiman Bay. Another interesting feature is the wooden pier, on which tourists can go fishing and enjoy sea scenery. Some boats are seen in that location too. In the horizon, beautiful views like mountains and hills would astonish everyone. What’s next? It is the sea water, which features calm and luring water. Somehow, the site suits everyone’s need in snorkeling and swimming.

Exploring Sulaiman Bay
The first thing to do is to approach the villagers or the locals. They often provide some tips to visitors regarding the best spots for sightseeing and snorkeling. Sometimes, they allow tourists to use their room for either resting or getting prepared for the adventure. Not to mention their foods are mouth-watering! The only requirement is a good communication skill that helps them to get those amenities freely. As an alternative, they can visit nearby eateries and buy some delicious foods there.

The next adventure is definitely in the bay. Beautiful sea views never cease to amaze tourists, for sure. Apart from sightseeing, visitors should try an island hopping by local boat. The fact is several small islands are located near to both Sumbang and Sulaiman Bay. Moreover, all of them are worth a visit. With small amounts of money, in fact, tourists can enjoy such amusing experience. They can even bargain the cost of the boat service, as long as they can speak a bit the Indonesian Language. There is no need to hire a tour guide, as the owner of the boat acts as one.

In the end, Sulaiman Bay offers a calming nuance with its stunning sunset. After conducting island hopping, tourists can simply head to the pier and wait for the twilight. Another attraction is a group of seagulls flying around near to the bay. They look beautiful! What’s more? For those who love nature, the bay also provides an interesting spot, which is the mangrove! The site is reachable using a boat, actually.

Nearby Attractions

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  • Serai River
  • Giring-Giring Beach
  • Labuan Cermin Lake
  • Bidadari Waterfall

How to Get There
It is common knowledge. Tanjung Redeb becomes a prime checkpoint prior to exploring any regions in Berau District, including Sulaiman Bay. Once travelers arrive at Kalimarau Airport, they can take a taxi or bus to Biduk-Biduk Sub-district. This trip may take about 6-8 hours, depending on the traffic. Later, they can directly head to the bay after passing through dense palm plantation.

Where to Stay

  • Clarissa Hotel
  • Selvia Hotel
  • Fajirah Inn

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