Siraja Museum in Berau District, East Kalimantan Province

Derawan Archipelago is indeed attractive. However, Berau District has more than that vacation destination. In Teluk Bayur Rural Community, for example, tourists can find Siraja Museum. It displays historical items, which are the reminiscences of Sultan Muhammad Amiruddin. At the first time, the building only became a place to store valuable items of the families, related to that king. Today, however, it is accessible for both local and foreign tourists. Not to mention it increases the tourism popularity in Berau District. The name Siraja was given to the museum, representing the role of the king back then.

The Nuance
Regarded as important as Gunung Tabur and Sambaliung Museum, Siraja becomes a significant tourist attraction in Berau District. Though, the size is not quite big. In fact, it is similar to a small house featuring several displays. Despite the fact, it stores numerous interesting items like figurines, ceramics, old money, etc. When it is about the nuance, Siraja Museum is clean and neat. Thanks to a good maintenance. There is a keeper with his employees, as well. He is actually the descendant of the king and the owner of the building!

Exploring Siraja Museum
Apart from sightseeing, visitors can learn a bit history of the museum. According to the locals, it was built in 2015. That means Siraja Museum is considered a new tourist spot in Berau District. It is the third historical museum in such region, serving along with Sambaliung and Gunung Batur Museum. Recently, the keeper is Aji Rahmatsyah, who is the son of Maharaja Dinda. He is also the descendant of Sultan Muhammad Amiruddin. With his supervision and knowledge, the museum runs well and gets its popularity over time.

Once the guests entering Siraja Museum, they can see many antique collections like weapons, ancient Greek statues, historical photos, old money, and much more! With these items, both tourists and historians would feel enthusiastic in exploring the site. According to the owner, in fact, the number of visitors keeps increasing as the time goes by. He even manages those items well by randomly and regularly change their location. The purpose is to avoid boredom and a dull nuance. The only issue is related to the location of the museum. It resides in a small alley, which is almost invisible to tourists.

In a nutshell, Siraja Museum is a worthy tourist spot for those visiting Berau District. It provides both education and fun to the guests, as well. The visitors are mostly local people, outsiders, and students. Some historians are seen, as well. It is even possible to take pictures of those items, as long as the guests have obtained permission from the owner. As for the tip, they must not cause havoc or litter there.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
As mentioned earlier, Siraja Museum is located in Teluk Bayur Rural Community. For those coming from Balikpapan, the trip takes about 13 hours and the distance is 551 km. The fastest route is Ahmad Yani Street, actually. The museum resides in Kampung Cina Street, which is located in a small alley.

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