Pesai Senguk Cave in Sambaliung Sub-District, Berau

Derawan Archipelago’s beauty is indeed undisputed, but it has no mountains to explore. As an alternative, travelers need to explore other parts of Berau District, which is Sambaliung. It is the home of famous mountains called Nyapa, featuring majestic karst and historical caves. One of the most visited mountains is located in Long Lanuk Village called Long Dem. In terms of popularity, tourists recognize it as the home of famous Pesai Senguk Cave and a wonderful destination for trekking. The views are also mesmerizing as it features lush trees and steep hills.

The Nuance
The prime checkpoint for trekking is near to Kelay River. The nuance is comfortable and pristine because it features tall trees and dense forest. Not to mention the route is quite challenging. According to the locals, it takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes in order to reach Pesai Penguk Cave, on which tourists can explore and conduct photography. The condition of the cave is a bit thrilling, though. In fact, there is an ancient burial site and it has been there for hundreds of years ago. The tomb belongs to Dayak Ga’ai Tribe and they call it Bleah. These include the coffins called Kuung, storing skulls and the possessions of the dead people.

Exploring Pesai Senguk Cave
It is without a doubt Both Kuung and Bleah become the main attractions in Pesai Senguk Cave. They are made either from ironwood or regular woods, so their durability differs based on such material. Some of them remain in a good condition, while the others have worn out due to old age. Kuung has some unique features, though. These include traditional carvings, having the shape of monkey, dragon, or other animals. Another important feature is called Tiang Keeh, which is considered as a medium to deliver the spirit of the death to the heaven.

If tourists come to Pesai Senguk Cave with a local guide, they can learn a bit history of the site. The guide may tell them about the meaning of cave’s name as well. Pesai means “Dayung” (paddle) and Senguk means “Ukiran” (carving). In a nutshell, it means a carved paddle. The fact is visitors can find the paddle, residing in front of the mouth of the cave. According to the locals, the item represents the guardian spirit of the cave! No wonder, the site emits a mystical nuance and creepy feeling.

In order to enter the cave, visitors should bow down or crawl as the mouth of the cave is not quite big. Not to mention they must watch their head. It is because the cave features sharp stalactites, which can be harmful to visitors. Another important tip is that they must carry a flashlight. The dark atmosphere of the cave can be quite uncomfortable, after all.

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How to Get There
From Tanjung Redeb City, travelers might spend a trip for about 1 hour. If they come from Long Lanuk Village, a trip to Long Dem Mountain takes only 45 minutes by a traditional boat (ketinting). Once they reach the trekking checkpoint, which is located near to Kelay River, they can directly climb the mountain and head to the cave. It may take less than 2 hours.

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  • Cantika Swara Hotel

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