Petau Cave in Long Lanuk Village, Berau District

More adventures are waiting for tourists in Berau District aside from exploring Derawan Islands. For those who love trekking, Karst Mountains of Sambaliung Sub-district is a recommended destination. It offers beautiful landscape of nature and some caves to explore. One of the most famous caves resides in Long Lanuk Village and the name is Petau! It takes more than an hour of trekking in order to reach the cave, but it is worth the effort. Instead of being considered a tiring activity, it is an opportunity to enjoy trekking. Plus, the route is quite challenging.

The Nuance
The most noticeable part of Sambaliung Karst Mountains is its slippery and sharp stones. Due to this reason, it is better to wear proper footwear like rubber shoes. This way, visitors would feel comfortable and safe during trekking. The fact is the route is a bit steep and difficult. For a safer trip, it is better to come with some local guides. It is because those experienced people know both the condition and situation in Long Lanuk. Not to mention they may give helpful instructions later.

Exploring Petau Cave
Once tourists reach the cave, they might be impressed by its nuance, which is a bit creepy and soggy. The cave even emits strange odor! The sound of bats is heard even from outside the cave mouth. They make a ruckus because of the presence of visitors and some of them even fly or leave the cave right away. Apart from the bats, other objects are seen in the cave, especially the ancient tombs of Dayak Ga’ai Kuung. The coffin resides in a small wooden house inside the cave, which is called Bleah. What a creepy sight!

The bad news is the condition of those coffins is not quite good. Due to their obsolete condition, those coffins are scattered on the ground along with woods and other items. Despite the fact, no one would feel bothered in exploring the cave. They can even see several valuable items, which are stored in the coffing along with the corpse. These include traditional weapons, fabrics, bottles, jars, and much more. For those who want to explore the cave further, they can go as far as 5 meters. It is the limit, as the cave gets darker and more uncomfortable.

As for the tip, tourists must have prepared a flashlight prior to entering Petau Cave. It helps them to explore it later. The flashlight is also useful to avoid bats that hang on the roof of the cave. Not to mention it helps tourists to avoid bats’ dung on the ground. Another consideration is related to the basic rule in caving. No one is allowed to take valuable items from the cave. It is even said those items are cursed, so the locals don’t dare to steal them.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
The prime destination is Tanjung Redeb City and travelers can reach it by airplane. One they reach Kalimarau Airport, their next destination is Sambaliung Sub-district and head to Long Lanuk Village. The distance is about 60 km, actually. From the village, they need to ride a traditional boat to Nyapa Karst Mountains. Lastly, they need to go trekking to reach the cave.

Where to Stay

  • Bumi Segah Hotel
  • Cantika Swara Hotel
  • Grand Parama Hotel

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