Ne’Lenggo Lake in Tembudan Village, Berau District

Featuring many beautiful places for recreation, tourists keep their eyes on Berau District. The most famous tourist spot is definitely Derawan Archipelago, but it is not the only one. The reason is Berau offers tons of nature and culture attractions to visitors. As for the example is Ne’Lenggo Lake. Such stunning lake is located in Tembudan Village and it belongs to Batu Putih Sub-district, actually. Surrounded by lush nature and peaceful nuance, no one would get disappointed in visiting the site. They can do many things there, including sightseeing and relaxation.

The Nuance
Being a nature tourist spot, the lake has been acknowledged by the locals and tourists. It provides a unique nuance to visitors like blue pristine water, beautiful scenery, and dense trees. Here is the fact. It is a nature spring, but it is considered a lake by the locals. Due to its crystal clear water, even visitors can see fishes and stones underwater clearly. Rumor has it the lake was King Alam’s favorite spot for bathing! No wonder, the villagers and local government take a good care of its condition and surroundings.

Exploring Ne’Lenggo Lake
Not only Ne’Lenggo Lake becomes a favorite tourist spot in Tembudan Village, but it also becomes natural water supply to its villagers. Even a local company has taken advantage of its clean and drinkable water for their industry. As the popularity of the lake increase, more tourists come to the location for either sightseeing or relaxation. It is because they are mesmerized by its unspoiled beauty and flawless nature. Looking at fishes underwater from the land is somewhat relaxing and peaceful. Unfortunately, no one is allowed to swim in it.

Apart from its beauty, the lake is famous for its history. Even visitors have an opportunity to learn more about the local story regarding Ne’Lenggo Lake. It is said King Alam or Sultan Alimuddin often came to the lake and get in the water. He took advantage of such pristine water to take a bath with his concubines. Due to its history and sacredness, the locals keep away any people who try to litter or soil the environment. In fact, they would amerce any people who litter respectably in the location.

The location of the lake is near to Rindang River and it is surrounded by lush nature. This explains why people can find peace and eradicate stresses once they explore the site. Above all, they can meet the natives like Dayak Ahe Tribe nearby. It is even possible to take pictures with those people because they are quite friendly to tourists. For lucky visitors, there are tasty foods or a place for resting given by the locals freely!

Nearby Attractions

  • Rindang River
  • Tembudan Bat Cave
  • King Alam’s Tomb
  • Batu Putih Game Park (Taman Buru)

How to Get There
As mentioned earlier, Ne’Lenggo Lake belongs to Batu Putih Sub-district. From Tanjung Redeb City, the distance is roughly 188 km. That means it will be a long trip for tourists, so everyone must have prepared everything beforehand. Once they reach Batu Putih, their next destination is Tembudan Village, where the lake resides.

Where to Stay

  • Palmy Hotel
  • Derawan Indah Hotel
  • Grand Parama Hotel
  • Millenium Hotel

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