Harapan Beach in Biduk-Biduk Sub-District, Berau

The most popular tourist spot in Berau District is indeed Derawan Archipelago. Still, many other stunning places are available to enjoy. Berau is the home of nature attractions and interesting cultures, after all. One of its sub-districts, Biduk-Biduk, tourists can visit a beautiful beach called Harapan. The meaning of the name is “hope” and the beach becomes a perfect spot for those who want to relax and enjoy a family vacation. Not to mention it resides near to another stunning beach, which is called Giring-Giring. Simply put, both of them become the main options for those who love beaches.

The Nuance
Harapan Beach offers white sand and crystal clear sea water. It also features coral reefs and dense trees, on which tourists can explore. Even some trees are covered by water during the high tide. In the horizon, the views are plain and flawless! The combination of deep and light blue sea water would mesmerize everyone. Not many visitors are seen either, so the beach emits a peaceful atmosphere. Combined with its gusty wind, the nuance is quite relaxing! This explains why the beach is a perfect spot to eradicate stresses.

Exploring Harapan Beach
The locals often call it a virgin beach due to its unspoiled beauty. The number of visitors is even low, as compared to Giring-Giring Beach. With such pure quality, tourists can enjoy such desolated nuance and find peace there. It is a recommended location for those who want to run away from daily hectic works. That means the beach often becomes a destination for a recreation and family vacation. It doesn’t have to be swimming or beach walking. Visitors can simply sit under a tree and enjoy the peaceful nuance of the beach.

Apart from relaxation, Harapan Beach is suitable for water sports too. Swimming and snorkeling are recommended, as the sea water is comfortable. Plus, the visibility is good. Some fishes are seen clearly in several spots, as well. Due to such pristine underwater scenery, photography is considered a good idea. The thing is it requires a nice underwater camera, which is waterproof and durable. This way, people don’t require professional skills in order to capture beautiful underwater views. If they are lucky, they can capture majestic and colorful corals, as well.

Once enjoying snorkeling, tourists must try local specialties in nearby eateries or restaurants. The best location to find local foods is in Tanjung Redeb. Despite a long trip, it is worth the effort. Some best foods to try are Ancur Paddas Porridge, Mannung, and local shrimps. All of them are available in hotels and resorts, too. However, the prices are more expensive than local eateries.

Nearby Attractions

  • Serai River
  • Giring-Giring Beach
  • Labuan Cermin Lake
  • Bidadari Waterfall
  • Sulaiman Bay

How to Get There
The prime destination is Tanjung Redeb and the fastest transportation service is an airplane. Once tourists get to Kalimarau Airport, they can rent a taxi or ride a bus to Biduk-Biduk Sub-district. The trip takes a few hours, though. It is a long trip, but it is quite rewarding.

Where to Stay

  • Clarissa Hotel
  • Selvia Hotel
  • Fajirah Inn

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