Batu Putih Game Park (Taman Buru) in Talisayan Sub-District, Berau

Many tourist attractions are available for those visiting Berau District. It is without a doubt, Derawan Archipelago becomes the most popular one, but it is not the only one. Well, each tourist has his own preferences when it comes to a holiday, after all. Some of them are even into a nature retreat! That’s true. More tourists are looking for a place for finding peace these days. What about Berau? Is there any reference? The answer is definitely Batu Putih Game Park (Taman Buru), which resides in Taisayan Sub-district. It is a legal site hunting animals, camping, relaxation, and an adventure, in fact.

The Nuance
The site is surrounded by tall trees and dense bushes. That condition makes visitors feel comfortable when exploring the location. The nuance is calm and some animals like deer are often seen there. Even local birds would song beautifully in the morning, creating a mesmerizing atmosphere. Next, it is related to the air, which is fresh and rejuvenating. When it comes to the land, it is a bit damp especially during the rainy season. For this reason, visitors must consider wearing a boot or other similar footwear that provides comfort and waterproof feature.

Exploring Batu Putih Game Park
Many people recognize the site as nature conservation. No wonder, they often come to Batu Putih Game Park for sightseeing and enjoying nature. It is the home of tons of trees and animals, after all. Apart from being nature protection, it is also available for hunting. Thus, people who want to experience hunting in nature should consider visiting the game park. Here is the thing. They must fulfill all the requirements prior to hunting. Otherwise, they are not allowed to do it. Not to mention the management tells the types of animals for which tourists can hunt.

Many aspects or considerations are involved before enjoying hunting activity in Batu Putih Game Park. For example, tourists must learn the number of population of the animals, ages, and location. With all these things in mind, they can enjoy hunting without causing imbalance to the nature. They need to think about the types of weapon they might use in hunting, too. Simply put, tourists will be under supervision when conducting such activity. That means killing off rare or protected animals is highly prohibited!

Aside from hunting, tourists come to Batu Putih Game Park for other activities such as camping and exploration. Well, the nuance is perfect to do those activities indeed. People only need to conside about the location and the equipment. As for the tents and other items, they can either rent or prepare them before entering the game park. When it comes to locations, they can talk to the keeper or locals.

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How to Get There
First, travelers need to head to Balikpapan City by airplane and their destination is Sultan Aji Muhammad Sulaiman Airport. Once they get there, it is time to take a local transportation service to Berau District. Later, they can simply head to Talisayan Sub-district and visit the game park. The whole trip may spend up to 14 hours!

Where to Stay

  • Derawan Indah Hotel
  • Palmy Hotel
  • Grand Parama Hotel
  • Millenium Hotel

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