Bontang City

Bontang City is one of town that resides in coastal area in East Kalimantan. One of tourism object in Bontang is Beras Basah Island, which located in offshore of Bontang city, abbout 7 sea miles or 25-35 minutes using speedboat. This island have beautiful panorama, the white sand that outspread along the beach with the beautiful wave, hardly suited for water sport activity like jet propulsion sky and as fluent as wind. Oturism object of Gosong Island is located in north side of Bontang city and is compatible place for they who like to fishing. This island is about 7 sea miles in north side of Bontang, can be gone through using speedboat during 20 minutes. Browse Big W Catalogue on Catalogue AU. Rent boat to this island can be met in Loktuan, Tanjung Limau and Bontang Kuala port. Resident in Bontang Kuala builds their house above seas. Here there are a number of booths presenting sea dish especially burning fish. Bontang Kuala is place that is good for tourists, who wish to eat fish and enjoy sea panorama.

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