Towuti Lake

Danau Towuti is the biggest lake in South Sulawesi and this is also the the second biggest freshwater lake in Indonesia after Toba Lake in North Sumatra. Towuti is part of Taman Wisata Alam or nature tourism area of Towuti Lake and it managed by Balai Konservasi Sumber Daya Alam, under the Indonesian Forestry Department. It has 203 meter depth and settled in Towuti district, Luwu Timur regency, South Sulawesi.

This lake has 56.000ha area and it lies in 620 Km from Makassar. To reach this place we have to pass the route from Makassar – Parepare – Palopo - Masamba – Malili – Timampu – Towuti Lake. The condition of the road is relatively good and it can be reach within 12-13 hour.

This tectonic lake is also has function as crossing path that connected South Sulawesi with Southeast Sulawesi. The view in Towuti is very intriguing beautiful, with the blue water and greenish background. Visiting this lake during sunset or sunrise will be more special and dramatic.

At this place, there are 14 types of endemic freshwater fishes that live in Sulawesi, one of them are Crocodylus Porosus and Hydrosaurus Amboinensis. Bringin your own fishing rod will be interesting to do. Moreover, this place is also suitable for water tourism that combined with hiking and else.

At the edge of this Lake that located in 293 meter above sea level, there are some islands which is the biggest of those are Pulau Loeha. Loeha Island is the place for some kinds of fauna and it also has significant beauty that worth to be visited. The source of Towuti Lake is coming from some springs and catchment area around the lake that flowing to the lake through 26 rivers. At some point of the area, there is prairie that overgrown by grasses or Poaceae and the habitat of Cervus timorensis. Furthermore, this place is also a home for some kinds of big mammals.

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