Lakkang Tourism Village

Lakkang Tourism Village is located in the district Tallo, Makassar District. The shady location makes this village unique because it resides in the bustle Makassar. Lakkang village is in the form of a delta, because it surrounded by some rivers.Desa Lakkang is a result of sedimentation that has natural potential in the form of hundreds of years old trees, ponds, agricultural areas, and fellow fishermen. Lakkang village is many visited by Japanese tourists because in this village there are seven points of Japanese bunker heritage. Somehow, the Japanese tourist is happy to enjoy the fruits of this at this Lakkang village.

The village is approximately 195 hectares and it inhabited by around 300 households. Most of them are farmers and fishermen. At small portion they also do the field which is not too widely spread in Lakkang. To reach this village, there are three lanes dock that can be selected to cross the river to the village. One pier that has been chosen by the people is Pier Kera Kera, who settled in college Tamalanrea, precisely in Farm Faculty, Faculty of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Universitas Hasanuddin (UNHAS). Meanwhile, others are on the dock of old highway, in the industrial warehouse area of Makassar. One another dock is actually a pond.

You have to wait about 15-30 minutes for boat to cross you to the village. The capacity of the boat is just for seven people, along with the motorcycle if you bring it. It cost Rp.3,000 for the passengers, and additional Rp 1,000 for the motorcycle. It takes 25-30 minutes to cross to the village. When you start the trip, you will be pampered by the green nuance around the river and the beauty of mangroves, palm trees and everything else that will enchanting you.

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