Gua Kallo Dewata

Gua Kallo Dewata is a cave located in the Battang Village, District of Wara Barat, kilometer 12 through direction of Palopo - Toraja, it is about 9 km from the city center Palopo. During colonial era, the cave was used as a bastion of from Japanese army and Dutch colonies attacks. Inside the cave there is a hole with a depth of about 30 meters. This cave does not have many stalactites and stalagmites, yet this cave have million charms to be explored.

This cave is the oldest cave in the area and it believed to be the resting place of the gods. In fact, there are three burrows in the form of quadrangular room. In addition, there is also a dagger made of stone and ancient furniture such as urns and other ancient objects.

To reach this place is quite struggling, where we have to pass winding and uphill road in the cross of trans-Sulawesi Palopo -Tana Toraja. After arriving at the location, it takes about 20 minutes to reach the hall of the cave and finding the extraordinary uniqueness inside it. One interesting fact about this place is, the hall in the cave can be connected to several other caves in Palopo, although the distance is far from each to others.

Moreover, Kallo cave has been used as nesting bats. This potential is being used by local community for collecting bat droppings to be sold as plant fertilizer.

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