Liukang Loe Island

Liukang Loe is a small island that located in the west side of Tanjung Bira beach, Bulukumba, South Sulawesi province. The nuance at Liukang Loe is not as crowd as in Tanjung Bira, and it makes the chilling atmosphere for those who visit this place.

The name of Liukang Loe is taken from Konjo language. Liukang means ebony and Loe means a lot. Liukang Loe means an island that has a lot of ebony or dark wood. The island is an inhabited island and there are two villages namely Kampung Buntutuleng and Passilohe.

Liukang Loe Island has white sandy beach and sparkling clear buish sea water. We can also see the line of green trees along the beach; with shady nuance and refreshing breeze, we can find peace along our vacation. The island has several spots for snorkeling and diving activities. The location is also quiet, perfect for sunbathing. Moreover, you can feel the sensation of fishing by the sea in this island.

On this island we can find several food stalls to restaurants that offer tasty and appetizing menu such as fried fish, grilled fish, Dabu-Dabu and other specialties. In addition, some of the residents here are work for making typical of Bugis woven fabric. The woven fabric made from silk yarn, the color is rich and very pretty. However, you can buy the cloth on this island and bring it for souvenir.

To go to the location of the island, you can take a flight heading to Makassar. From Makassar, you can go directly to Tanjung Bira. The distance from the town center is only about 200 meters.

Well, from Pantai Tanjung Bira, we precede the journey by renting a boat to Liukang Loe Island. The cost to rent a boat is about Rp.300.000 to Rp.500.000, depending on the agreement with the driver.

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