Gusung Island

Small Laelae Island or better known by the name of Gusung Tallang is now becomes of the most choice destinations in Makassar to enjoy a weekend while having recreation at the beach.

The island is just 1.6 km from the city of Makassar and accessible only within 5 minutes by speed boat from Pier Popsa, Makassar. By simply buying a ticket for Rp.15 thousand to cross the island, and you can enjoy the beauty of the island that always been visited by local people, especially every Saturday and Sunday morning.

The island was once a dike that extends from north to south along 1 km that serves to dampen the waves that coming into the port area in Makassar. However, because the sedimentation process that occurs continuously and had long-lasting, it make the white sand accumulation at the north side of the embankment. This white sand was gradually grow in size and widens to form the one island.

At the beginning of the formation, the island is barren and uninhabited. However, because of the increasing number of visitors who come for recreation, most people around the island utilize to build a pavilion as a place for resting. There are various activities that can be done at this island, like playing at the water on the beach, snorkeling and even diving. However, most that come to visit are those who want tp play water while having sunbathing at the beach.

If you are good at swimming and snorkeling, you can feed the fishes around the island by using instant noodles, rice, or bread that put into the bottle, and the fish will come to you. Those who dive at this island is perfect for muck diving.

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