Latuppa Waterfall & Spring

Latuppa Waterfall is located in the Village of Latuppa, Wara District, within 9 km from the town of Palopo or about 15 minutes away by car. To reach this location we must pass a paved, winding, downhill and uphill road with a view of the river flow on the left length for about 2000 m. This place is very suitable for doing Rafting, where the river is flowing through cliffs and rocks boards as well as the current is quite swift. After arriving at this place, we will continue the journey by walking through the path that slippery and steep among cocoa plantations that owned by local people, about 50 meters from the parking area.

Transportation to Latuppa is quite smooth. If you do not have your own vehicle to get to Latuppa there are several alternative vehicles that able to rent a motorcycle, pete-pete (minibus) or by taxi. Latuppa is actually one of the rivers that divide the city of Palopo. In addition to tourism object, Latuppa river is also has a critical role in providing clean water for residents of Palopo.

The area of Latuppa is in the form of tropical mountains, making this place is different from other rivers in the city. The flowing water is still natural, clear and cool. Here, we can directly plunge into the water, while enjoying the feel of the mountains and tropical forest scenery.

While enjoying the water, we can also have natural massage in the flow of the river; Latuppa is filled with large rocks. Besides offering natural baths, Latuppa is also has three levels waterfall with the feel of cool mountains. This waterfall is located not far from Latuppa River.

One other interesting point when visiting this place is, you can have fresh tropical fruit like Rambutan, Durian and mangosteen when the season of those fruits are on harvest time. Usually, the fruit season comes twice a year; the first season will occur in February to May. Meanwhile, the second season is in November. If you want to travel while enjoying the fresh fruits, come in those seasons.

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