Kapoposang Pangkep

Kapoposang Pangkep is one of hundreds of islands that belong to the group of Spermonde Strait Island in Makassar. This island is already famous by its beauty and genuine nature of marine life.

Kapoposang Pangkep is water park tourism site, where there are number of small islands; 3 of the islands are inhabited, while other 3 islands are uninhabited. The inhabited islands are Kapoposang, Gondong Bali and Papandangan. Other 3 uninhabited islands are Pamangganggang Island, Tambakhulu Island and Surati Island.

Kapoposang is believed to be the best underwater marine park that been exist in Indonesia, because of its underwater topography is stunningly beautiful and some said that this place is the best place for diving in South Sulawesi. Those who love diving, even the professional one said that this place has tremendous coral reefs and never had enough to be explored. In addition to the colorful coral reefs, there are tons of colorful fishes are live in this water.

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