Pasi Island

Pasi Island is located in Bontoharu sub district, Selayar Islands regency, South Sulawesi. This island is precisely located at west side of Selayar Island, for about 1 mile from Benteng subdistrict. It takes 15 minutes’ drive by boat. There are 2 villages in this island, which is Kahu-kahu and Bontoborusu village.

Pasi Island in the outermost island of Selayar Islands regency. This island is mostly visited by those who want to go diving and fishing. Moreover, there are numbers of other islands that close to the Pasi Island like,Pulau Mbrosi (3.7km), Meos Manggwandi (11.2km).

Nukori island (16.8km), Veri island (17.9km), Padaidori island (18.6km), Pakreki island (18.8km), Mios Workbondi (22.8km), Pai island (37.7km), Nusi island (42.8km), Mios Wundi (49km).

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