Samalona Island

After all this time, Makassar is always identic with Losari beach, as highligh destination. Do you know that in Makassar there is an island that has a natural beauty with terrific view? The name of the island is Samalona. Samalona is a small island located in the district of Ujung Pandang, Makassar, South Sulawesi province. The distance is about seven kilometers from the city of Makassar.

Samalona Island has a beach with fne white sand and the sea water that is pure blue. On this island, there are many coconut trees that give dramatic nuance over the beauty. Samalona Island is also famous for the beauty of the underwater. Those who visit this island can do swimming and diving, while seeing the beautiful coral reefs with colorful sea fishes.

In addition, the island is also keeps some mysteries about the sinking of ship relics from World War 2. There are at least seven ships were sunk in the area of the island. Among them is the Maru ship (a Japanese warships that were sunk at a depth of 30 meters), Lancaster Bomber Ship, Hakko Maru Cargo Ship made in the Netherlands and several other vessels. Currently, these vessels has been transformed into a reef and become a home to hundreds of marine life. The tourists are usually come to the island to swim amongst the wrecking ships.

In the area of this island there are several food stalls that offer a wide variety of seafood, it taste fresh and delicious to be enjoyed with family or friends. Mushala and public toilets are also available here. Besides, the diving equipment and rental services for snorkeling is also available here.

The island is located about seven kilometers from the center of Makassar. You can go to this location from a port that located near Losari and from the pier near Fort Rotterdam. From the pier, you can hire a speed boat thatcosts around Rp 300,000 to Rp 400,000 for round-trip or depending on the agreement with the driver. The latency is about 30 to 40 minutes away.

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