Lejja Natural Hot Spring

About 200 km north of Makassar / Ujung Padang, precisely at Soppeng district, there is a spot which is as adorable as those closer to Makassar. Soppeng district is usually called Kalong City (Bat City) because there are many bats hanging on trees here.

Lejja Hot Springs are located in a preserved forest area with beautiful scenery in Bulu village, Marioriawa sub-district, 44 km north of Soppeng district center, Watan town. The water temperature in this hot springs is up to 60 degrees celcius and it is believed the water can cure rheumatic and itch. This hot spring is the main tourist spot in this area visited by many foreign or domestic tourists.

The facilities in Lejja are well provided. There are public bath pools, private pools, toilet, and shower room, changing clothes room, resorts, tennis court and even a meeting room (300 people capacity). Every private pool, with a width of 3 meters, has a private gazebo. There are 5 different public pools for bathing,
Pool I (very hot water): be careful as in this pool eggs can get half-cooked...
Pool II (lukewarm): this place is allowed for children and for non-swimmers as this pool is shallow
Pool III (lukewarm): a pool for adults with a depth as high as your neck. A buoy is available for those who are afraid to swim.
Pool IV (normal): the water in this pool is neither so hot nor cold and is for adults only.
Pool V (normal): located on the eastern side, comes with a jumping board.

You can also take a walk and see the source of the hot water yourself. There is a path besides the pool heading to the hill. There will be a small river with hot water and smoking rocks. At the end of the path you will find a big tree with a 50 cm space underneath the roots. That is where the water comes from.

Do not be surprised if you find tied bottles and cans around the tree. These are symbols of wishes of people who have been here before. They will be back there again and untie the bottle or can when their wish is granted. It is also a symbol for couples. Getting here is a bit difficult though. Best to use a motorcycle so you can enjoy the view while riding it. As you arrive at the gate, you can choose either the way straight to the pool with your motorcycle or you can park and take the stairs and enjoy the beautiful view. Entrance ticket is IDR 5.000/person for adult and IDR 2.500/person for children.

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